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Whatsapp for Business
Whatsapp for Business
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Leverage Whatsapp to Multiple your business


Why is it important ?

The best reason to pay attention to 'WhatsApp for Business' is that many of your customers and prospects are probably already using it - especially in today's crisis situation. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day. WhatsApp Marketing is especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups and is emerging as the new-age way to promote, sell and expand businesses. Businesses can send updates, provide customer support, and onboard new customers straight from WhatsApp.


What will you get at the end of the two sessions ?

•All needed information and tips required to successfully market on Whatsapp

•Feedback on your marketing plan in the second session

•Two week free access to the •Digital Marketing Gym - a case study oriented learning platform.

•Completion Certificate after your plan has been verified by faculty


What will get covered

1.Making and Using a Good Whatsapp Business Profile

•Build your brand consistency

Optimize Your Business Profile

•Engage customers through enticing conversation which makes it more personable

•Automation : Minimising the work of manually replying to basic queries of the customer and ensuring prompt response with the help of automated messages

•Lead Generation on Whatsapp •Customer Service on Whatsapp

•When to use Whatsapp Groups


2.WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Deep Dive

•Do's and Dont's of marketing on Whatsapp

•What role does it play vis a vis other digital marketing tactics

•Integration of Whatsapp with other tactics  - some ideas and case studies

•Status Messages : The new visual weapon

•How to create word of mouth using Status messages

•Tips and Tools to create attractive Status messages

•How Whatsapp is the new SMS


3.Whatsapp Business Api

•What is it all about

•How to apply for one and use it in business

•Case studies, and Typical Costs

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