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Good manufacturing practices are developed to improve the quality of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products. These practices help organizations meet required guidelines while manufacturing medical products as well as cosmetics, medical devices, and food and beverages. In the word cGMP, the... (More)


Consult your Doctor before Pan 40 tablet uses

Pan 40 tablets work effectively when taken on an empty stomach. Pan 40 tablet uses - to reduce stomach, to treat stomach ulcers and other acidity-related problems. Pan 40 tablets contain pantoprazole as an active ingredient. It is a proton... (More)

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Omega Personality, this term might be new to you. That’s why we are here to help you with its meaning and classifications. Read this article to know more.


Know how to download embedded video on macOS

While Adobe Flash is no longer supported by the company and is considered an outdated application, you can still use Flash Video Downloader to download videos from multiple websites. It supports most video formats, and the extension is available for... (More)